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Education Online
Have you spent hours surfing the web to end in frustration because you could not find what you were looking for? This page contains educational resources for those who do not have hours necessary to search the web for the information they are looking for.

New links are constantly added to this page. Please bookmark this page and check back often for new updates.  You can join our mailing list to receive the latest update by e-mail.

Homeschooling Corner
This free website provides resources for homeschooling parents and teachers…

Power Search
Looking for a quick way to search the best sites the Internet has to offer? The Power Search will run the same search across 4 major search engines at one time, allowing you to search and display 1 to 4 databases simultaneously!

Just For Kids
Try these free software downloads with your kids to improve skills, or just to have some educational fun!

Education Exchange Bulletin Board
The purpose of Education Exchange is to stimulate thinking, to aid our understanding, and to improve our roles in the educational arena. Share ideas with other educators, parents, and interested citizens. Receive answers to questions about testing, teaching techniques, learning disabilities, and educational trends.

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