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e-Tutor Approved  for Wisconsin
Under the No Child Left Behind Act of 2001, e-Tutor has been selected as one of the approved supplemental educational service providers for the state of Wisconsin.  The Act requires low performing schools to provide a list of approved programs to parents of students who are at the most risk of failure.

It is our philosophy that parents have a right to chose the educational program that will best meet their children's learning needs.  We are pleased to have been chosen by the Wisconsin Department of Public Instruction. 

Strategic Studies Develops Curriculum for USRPA
The United States Rice Producers Association has contracted with Strategic Studies to develop instructional content for their website.  Aimed at Kindergarten through High School students and teachers, the website will provide the content in a game format.    

Companies and organizations can achieve increased exposure and recognition for their products and services while providing a valuable service to the community.    

Consolidation Planned for Strategic Studies
Strategic Studies has consolidated all of its businesses under the Corporation umbrella. The company will focus their efforts in one company instead of splitting talents and energies among several entities. The change will be beneficial and easier for clients to understand the many facets of the corporation. Strategic Studies will continue to offer educational consulting, curriculum planning, Internet-based learning, and seminars and workshops in technology based teaching through its many products and services.

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