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About Us

Strategic Studies has a successful history as an educational consulting company. Strategic Studies began in 1993 as a service agency conducting applied research, program evaluation, training, consultation and management services for school districts.

The experience gained in working with over 50 school districts and organizations reinforces their position as a leader in the education field. The company is actively involved in Internet-based learning and strives to help students, parents and teachers take advantage of the latest technologies and trends, as well as time-proven educational techniques.

Strategic Studies programs are based on the experience of founder, Martha Angulo.  Angulo, who taught for 23 years before becoming an inner city principal and suburban superintendent, pioneered the creation and implementation of a rigorous, experiential methodology that radically altered the experience of the teaching learning environment.  In, 1996 Angulo was one of the first educators in the nation to develop a tracking program for hand-held computers.  Her work has won her wide acclaim among superintendents and other educational leaders.  The Strategic Studies programs are based upon the foundation that was built through Angulo's experience and have been further refined in the company's early staff development programs.   

Strategic Studies is founded on the mission of developing programs and curricula that empower learners and improve the teaching/learning process for students.  That effort has taken two forms: the creation and implementation of an Internet-based instructional program for K-12 students and the development of instructional content for business and organizations.  

Internet-Based Learning
Strategic Studies recognized the benefits of making the Internet a central part of K-12 education. The name, e-Tutor, was coined by Angulo to describe the new methodology she developed for online learning.  It is this type of integrated teaching and learning scenario that we see as the future of education.  e-Tutor lessons are learning modules that consist of a series of tasks and information that reinforce the skill or concept taught in each lesson.  Each task in the lessons requires the student to use critical thinking skills and the work involved becomes progressively more difficult;  later tasks often require the knowledge gained, skills acquired, and activities completed in earlier tasks.  In these activity-based tasks, students become active participants in their own learning.  In the ideal sense, e-Tutor enables students to learn things in order to do things.  The tasks are often research based, deliberately challenging, and require continuous use of the pre-selected Internet sites which are part of each of the lessons. 

Content Development
With proven success in developing online interactive educational content, Strategic Studies began to offer solutions to organizations and business for supporting education through their own websites.  The increased exposure, visibility and recognition in providing targeted instruction supports education and the public interest.  The content is original and developed exclusively for the client.  

LessonPro provides an online template for teachers to create instructional activities, lessons and quizzes over the Internet. The community model engages teachers nationwide in writing lessons through the Writer’s Circle.

Home School Corner provides information and communication tools for the fast growing movement. e-Tutor is a popular program among home schoolers.

KnowledgeHQ is produced quarterly and provides activies, resources and information centered around a theme.  

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